It’s time for the type of social movement that decades are remembered for.

The summer of love in the 1960’s was a response to the Judeo-Christian repression of the 1950’s. Having just exited a multi-year quarantine, the pendulum is starting to swing again.

It’s ironic that it is so difficult to find real human connection in a world filled with billions of people. Consumers are sold efficient tools to connect like Instagram and Tinder, only to find themselves endlessly swiping at night and feeling alone.

There is a misalignment between corporate and consumer interests. If someone finds love on a dating app, they stop using it. If they stop scrolling their Instagram feed, advertisers lose their attention. Companies have worked hard to reduce the time and friction to each dopamine hit so customers will stay in their ecosystem. Instead of driving to the store or watching a two hour movie, someone can order from Amazon with a few swipes or watch an 8 second Tik-Tok.

Americans grew up watching movies about people trapped in mundane lives who are suddenly swept off their feet in a great adventure. It’s a lie, that you can live the same repetitive life without taking any meaningful action and end up with a hero’s journey.

The good news is that real in-person human interaction still surpasses anything A.I. can do on your phone.

We created a private members club called The illuminaughty and we seek to make in-person connection sexy again.

We make good on the promise of surreal experience and adventure.

We are very selective about who can attend illuminaughty events. It differentiates us in a world of inclusion and allows our members access to a safe and liberating environment.

By doing this, we have built a community of self-aware, intelligent, active, and sexy members. Members who are ready to take action, release shame, and play with like-minded souls. We constructed an in-person human experience that rocks your socks off and beats Netflix 100% of the time.